Money Saver Magazine is a locally owned and operated advertising magazine that was created to provide small to mid-sized businesses that serve the metro east with an affordable and effective advertising medium that reaches right into the homes of their target potential consumers.

Here are some unique features of Money Saver Magazine:

1. Category Exclusivity – If you commit to advertising with us, then we will lock out all direct competitors for the products/services that you feature (does not apply to food or entertainment).

2. Limited Page Count – We’re keeping it smaller so that our clients’ ads won’t get lost in the clutter.

3. More Households Per Zone (30,000 per zone) – There are a lot of overlooked households that don’t get touched by direct mail…Money Saver Magazine is tapping into the rural/underserved areas and expanding each trade zone, thus giving our clients a better chance at success.

4. Print Quality – We’re using 60 lb. glossy paper with bright, full color ads.  This publication gets noticed.

5. Longer Shelf Life – Because of the quality of the publication and the variety of advertisers within it, the shelf life for this magazine should reach approximately 60 days – and sometimes longer.

6. Local Ownership – We understand this side of the river because it’s where we live.  Our family/friends/clients are your customers.

Thank you to all of our current and future customers.  Our primary focus is your results.  We’ll work closely with you to make sure that your advertisement contains all of the key ingredients, including a strong offer.  If you follow the necessary steps, then success is inevitable.  Remember, we’re hitting 30,000 homes per zone — even if  1/10 of 1 percent of those households respond to your offer, then your results will be more than enough to make you smile from ear to ear.

Thanks again for considering Money Saver Magazine.  We’ll look forward to hearing from you.